modular shelf / contemporary / sheet metal
DOT SYSTEM by Monica Graffeo Kristalia



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    sheet metal


This modular bookshelf is very unique in regards to its design and employs the principles of simplicity, versatility and innovation. The dot system is perfect for a number of practical purposes around the home and office, and this system of shelves clearly expresses the culture and designs associated with Kristalia.

Thanks to the special shelf support included with this model, the shelves of the dot system can be precisely adjusted to any height that suits your preferences. These continuous shelves are placed on uprights and these are available in a number of standard sizes. Uprights are constructed from extruded anodised aluminium and can also be tailor cut to a size which you deem necessary. The shelves included with the dot system are painted sheet metal and are cut into three standard sizes, however likewise can be cut to a size which specifically meets your needs. The end panels are made from anodised aluminium also and can be fitted either flush with the uprights or in a projecting fashion depending on your preferences. These construction arrangements differentiate enormously and how you choose to have them is based completely on your furniture arrangements.
This custom bookshelf is a perfect accompaniment to any office and will hold plenty of documents and business literature. Multiple units of this shelving system can be conjoined to make a larger storage space and there are more examples of its versatility too. The dot system can be partially dismantled to make space for larger items such as televisions and Hifis. This fantastic shelving system can also be mounted onto wheels making it easy to move around the room.