Bauhaus design visitor chair / upholstered / with armrests / cantilever
WEIMAR by Heinz & Bodo Rasch L&C stendal



  • Style:

    Bauhaus design

  • Options:

    upholstered, with armrests, cantilever

  • Material:

    beech, metal, fabric, leather

  • Market:



The Arnold Bauhaus collection is based on original items from the 1920s and 30s, and combines classic Bauhaus design with modern standards. Over 70 years ago, creative minds at Bauhaus were already being fascinated by curved round tube. Innovative designers such as the brothers Heinz and Bodo Rasch, Gustav Hassenpflug, Mart Stam and Marcel Breuer in particular were fascinated by the possibilities that round tube had to offer. The models provide the perfect base for the widest range of uses and target groups in the field of contract projects.

weimar 5012 | 5112 | 5014 | 5114: Designs by the Bauhaus architects Heinz and Bodo Rasch.

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