contemporary boardroom table / steel / semicircular / trapezoidal
TABLO L&C stendal



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    semicircular, trapezoidal, square, rectangular


The flexibility and simple handling of the free standing tablo table elements makes them a convincing alternative to the many highly complicated, expensive table systems that require intensive planning and which architects, interior designers and users increasingly find themselves confronted by. Square, rectangular, trapezoid and semicircular tables cover the range of requirements that is usually applied to individual tables, conference or meeting groups. The concept of the tablo modular table is as simple as it is functional. With a “basic range” of table shapes, you can redesign table configurations at any time – because the tablo dimensions have been designed to go together in such a way that you can easily combine them to suit your requirements.

Following a long tradition, the case tables made by L&C stendal have been designed for tough everyday use. Additional triangular and quadrant-shaped drop-in panels can be provided on request that simply hang between two free standing tables.