manual turntable / belt-driven / 45 / anti-vibration material
LS La Boite concept



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    anti-vibration material


50 years after the Cagniard family’s company Siare had their first partnership with Elipson, this partnership has been renewed to bring to life a very high quality turntable.

This turntable combines the main innovations from Elipson along with the cabinet-making and design expertise from La Boite concept. This structure provides a remarkable accuracy and a warm analog sound reproduction that will sublimate your 33/45 RPM vinyl records.

La Boite concept has designed a high-end plywood frame whose rigidity ensures a high signal to noise ratio. It also delivers resonance proprieties allowing a beautiful musicality combined to an exemplary precision. This ultra stiff but nevertheless light chassis is mounted on a brand new legs system entirely developed and optimized by La Boite concept. It ensures not to transmit external vibrations to the cartridge no matter where the turntable is placed on. The brilliant ASC (Auto Speed Control) digital-drive motor caring the belt allows a very accurate speed control. The OTT tonearm (Orbital Torsion Tonearm) pick up Elipson’s R&D codes. Its torsion and circular balancing devices provide an accurate anti-skating system.

La Boite concept has reinterpreted the design and the Omega turntable features from Elipson. For purposes of consistency and performance, the wooden coating and leather used by La Boite concept for many years allow to increase the soundproofing without muffling the sound restitution. The warmth of the wood and the elegance of the Basque leather form a structurally efficient combination and ensure a full of life restitution.