Public area trash can


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    for public areas


The bearing structure of MASH is in steel EN10111DD11 sheet plate, T. 30/10, on which two steel EN10111DD11 plates are welded, T. 30/10.

The door and the back in steel EN10111DD11, T. 20/10, are reinforced on the extremities by strong profiles, T. 30/10.
The door is provided with a spring lock with a triangular key. The internal bin-liner holder is in galvanised steel, T. 30/10. In order to facilitate the substitution of the sack, the bin-liner holder runs out of 100 mm thanks to two guides made with laser cutting.

Both sides of the bin are in steel EN10111DD11, T. 15/10 and curved: on the right side is welded a steel plate, T. 15/10, with an inclination of 45 degrees and finally polished, while on the left is fixed a plate provided with a pierced sheet plate (diameter of the holes 5 mm), which has a central hole with a 20 mm diameter and other three openings with the same diameter but placed at a 90 degrees distance one from the other.
Inside the bin, on the bearing structure there is a support in order to place a cylindrical container made of galvanised steel, T. 10/10, to drop the cigarette butts. This container is then placed under the opening on the left side.
All the elements (except from those galvanised) are finally hot galvanised and polyester powder coated.
All fixings are in galvanised steel EN10346DX51D+Z.

Maximum dimensions: H = 1300 mm, Width = 630 mm, Depth = 630 mm
Capacity 120 Lt


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