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white children's bedroom furniture set / wooden / unisex



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These two beds are from the Cottage collection
In this photograph we can see the two beds, which were designed to be stacked, as a bunk bed.
It is important to note that the Cottage collection has different modules that can be combined together to suit your needs. Surely there are some modules that would look good in your bedroom.
With this furniture you can combine different finishes and colours on the interior and exterior parts, customising to your liking.
As a safety measure there is a rail to prevent falls, and as you can see in this photo, it is lined with felt to give it a nice feel.
The beds are complemented with a wardrobe of the same depth
The wardrobe with swing doors in this photograph is 102 cm deep, which is the same depth as the two beds on the left.
The exterior of the doors on this wardrobe are covered with a special blackboard coating so that you can draw on it, leave messages etc…
We have added a different touch by using two different sizes of the bolet handle.
Desk or shelf, you decide?
This is undoubtedly a unique piece of furniture, since its main use is as a desk but you can really give it multiple uses, among them a shelf, television furniture etc….
This module is very customisable; the interior and exterior can be in different colours, which can also be combined with another colour on the back.

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