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wooden children's bedroom furniture set / unisex
SIDNEY Lagrama



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If you need two beds in the bedroom you can place them perpendicularly
The Kubox system at the base of the bed gives you great storage space and organization
The structure of the beds in the Sidney composition is designed to give you storage space.
One of them is a folding chest for storing large objects (you can see this in detail on the technical specifications sheet with measurements) and the other is formed with the kubox system, using drawers of different sizes for better organisation.
We show you a video with some possibilities offered by the Kubox system.
A study table is always useful
The desk is supported by a practical pull-out shoe rack and a metal leg of a light, linear design to counteract the volume of the shoe rack.
Remember that this collection has a wide range of colours and finishes that you can combine in order to get the atmosphere you want.
There is a surprise in the base of the shelves
To increase the storage space in this composition, two cupboards have been added that also serve as support for the shelves from the Aire collection.
To make the most of the wardrobe end unit interior you will find shelves at the top and a hanger rail lower down.
With the Kubox family you can create a room to your liking.
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