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white children's bedroom furniture set / wooden / unisex



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With Kubox you can easily create the bed you need for your bedroom
A practical, functional bed
The bed comprises two Kubox drawer modules giving storage space in an area that would otherwise be wasted.
As there are so many options with Kubox modules, we would like to show you other combinations that could also work well in your home.
Headboard, shoe rack and support, three functions in a single piece of furniture
Para hacer de cabecero utilizamos el lateral de un práctico zapatero extraible, que además te permite apoyar una encimera que se extiende hasta el terminal del armario para hacernos de mesa escritorio ¡¡¡ QUE BUENA IDEA !!!
Wardrobe with exterior shelves. Do you think that’s strange?
This wardrobe is divided into two, one part is the shelves supporting the worktop which we spoke about before and the other part has a rail for hanging clothes inside. Definitely the most practical!
This is a very simple bedroom as we have said, but if you are looking for other styles or have other needs there are more photos of children’s rooms that you may like more.

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