projection roof window / aluminum / double-glazed / thermal break
CI F100 Lamilux srl



  • Opening system:


  • Material:


  • Glazing:


  • Technical characteristics:

    thermal break, acoustic, fire-rated


Energy efficiency

Design completely free of thermal bridges for optimum U values between 0.72 and 0.62 W/m²K
Special low-E coating on heat insulation glazing for greater energy efficiency
Complies with all requirements specified in the 2009 German Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and its future 2012 version
GRP upstand heat insulated over its entire surface with a U value < 0.5 W/m²K
Thermally optimised structural mount, such as a heat-insulated base flange
Comfort & design

Generous daylight intake and a permanently clear view thanks to self-cleaning properties and scratchproof glazing
Can be ventilated when locked Ventilation motors can be retrofitted at any time (optionally available with remote control)
Secure, easy installation thanks to structural mounts for foil roofs prepared in the factory
Optimised soundproofing and minimised rain noise thanks to special glazing (Rwp = 38 dB)
White, silk-matt appearance inside No additional drywall construction required
Solar protection inside and outside (optional)