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Technology rises to power. When it comes to project solutions, architectural studios are always on the lookout for materials that unite elegance with latest-generation technical characteristics.
For this building in Bratislava, the architects opted for all-Italian Lapitec® sintered stone. In fact, the Urban finish (purposely created for exteriors), in the Casablanca shade, has been used to clad the entire building, adding a touch of elegance and purity to the business district of the Slovakian capital.
In this case, the ventilated façades are the perfect choice for adding a unique dash of colour, while also underlining the qualities and stability of the buildings.
But the difference really lies in the performance. As well as the aesthetic impact, this low-maintenance and self-cleaning façade is also highly robust and durable, making it a money-saving investment for the future that cuts maintenance costs down to a minimum.
Lapitec®’s resistance to external agents, such as UV, frost and ‘urban’ aggressors like smog or graffiti, and its ability to preserve both its aesthetic and technical characteristics over time, make it the ideal architectural panel for exteriors.
The Lapitec® facade bonding system uses Sika.

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