natural stone flooring / for shops / residential / tile



  • Material:

    natural stone

  • Market:

    for shops, residential

  • Format:


  • Finish:


  • Appearance:

    tile look

  • Color:


  • Options:

    interior, exterior


A design challenge in the heart of Sardinia, to create a real "family home" out of a 70's villa. Lapitec® is a feature of the external and internal cladding panels: more than 1000 sq m to create a unique perceptive impact, of great harmony and elegance.

International clients, a villa made up of two residential units, a 5000 sq m park and a view of one of the most attractive beaches on the coast of Sardinia. The request? To transform this space into a “family home” to be enjoyed in every season of the year and of life, a place to take in and acquaint yourself with, where the interior and exterior recall and permeate each other. In addition, it had to be done while fully respecting what was already there. It was the GAAP studio that designed all of this: three young professionals who have chosen to bring their stylistic approach to an architectural context that is well defined and strongly linked to tradition.

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