video corpo cad

playground play structure / wooden / HPL / modular
137300M Lappset



  • Location:

    for playgrounds

  • Material:

    wooden, HPL

  • Options:



A motoric workout offering a variety of climbing and balancing options. This workout offers a circular path which can be traversed. Access to the towers is via a climbing wall with holes, two up a climbing nets, two climbing frames with rungs or a rung net. Children can descend the towers using two a fireman's poles. One tower can be accessed from the other by balancing on a rung, suspension or a board bridge, by using the net bridge or by climbing across the climbing net. The motoric workout can accommodate a large number of children, making it highly suitable for school yards and similar locations. This item of playground equipment also has a set of monkey bars, a balancing rope and four seats. Balancing develops especially balance and body control.