Contemporary chandelier / glass
UOVO by Rony Plesl LASVIT


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Like something from a fairytale, Uovos - eggs - sparkle like a radiant and mystical gem in a faraway land. These reective art glass lighting sculptures shines like a mountain of precious rounded mirrors, capturing nearby objects and multiplying them to innity. Uovos exudes matchless charm and creativity due to the fact that its been designed in two pieces with exceptional technique. One of the sculptures, Uovo dargento, comprises silver eggs, handcrafted by silvering clear blown-glass components from the inside. The matching piece, Uovo doro, features golden eggs, with the colouring achieved by silvering the insides of amber glass components. At the large version the nished designs are nearly two meters high, 1.2 metres wide, and 130 kilograms in weight. There is also smaller version of the Uovo designes available.


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