contemporary china cabinet / wooden



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Limited edition sideboard realized in only 21 multiples. Wooden structure with inlays, push pull doors, equipped with internal shelves and 2 drawers, raised on burnished brushed brass legs.

Thanks to the ancient art of wood inlays the outlines of the faces create a 3D effect of light and shadow and transforms the Silenzio sideboard into a unique piece of art. There are many ways to make meaningful and sophisticated pieces of furniture. To be different is to be unique. The technique should be only a means to an end. Among the most appealing aspects of Intarsia is the directness and swiftness of creating an image of incredible power and aesthetic strength.

With the use of different dyed veneers, the artist made a particular colored impression, and so affected the way we perceive the piece. You can listen to silence and learn from it. It has a quality and a dimension all its own. Silence is a source of great strength and a journey of discovery at the same time. It gives meaning to our time. Be different. Be unique. Be silenzio.