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Commercial pasta press


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The press for extruded pasta mod. FLORIDA produces all kinks of pasta, with or without eggs such as noodles, spaghetti, spaghetti alla chitarra, pappardelle, maccheroni in different sizes and sheets of pasta of any thickness for the production of lasagne or cannelloni, as well as traditional regional specialities.
Its extraordinary versatily allows the use of any type of flour or semolina, also simplifying the production of special pasta shapes. The mixer shaft can be dismantled and removed for faster, easier cleanig. The model is equipped with a fan that allows pre-drying of pasta and an electronic pasta cutter.
All moving parts are assembled on self-lubrication bearings. The different functions are powered by gears with lifetime lubrication.
Machine completely built in stainless steel. Base in moulded plate complete with access opening to the internal workings. Extrusion coclea group with cooled head with water circulation. Double kneading basin with indipendent engines and mixing removable shaft. Handly overturning upper basin for pre-mixing.
Pasta cutter group with indipendent motorization and adjustable speed. Built for the continuous cycle production; the upper basin gives the opportunity of making a second dough while the machine wiredraws the first one. the dismantling mixing shaft and the particular shape of the basins allow an easy and safe intervention of the staff and grant the maximum hygiene and promote all the sanification operation.
SERIES EQUIPMENT: automatic pasta cutter extrusion cylinder cooled by water.
OPTIONAL: refrigerating group for cooling water of extrusion cylinder.
Power supplied three-phase 380 Volts 50 HZ. Special voltages on request.


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