playground play structure / wooden



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    for playgrounds

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Multifunctional castle inspired by the medieval theme, with two towers connected by a curved bridge. The tower is accessible through three convenient shelves with slots that allow a first approach to overcome the steps, with the help of hands. The curved bridge is composed by a series of planks side by side with special openings to facilitate the advancement of children. The parapets of the bridge are completed with narrow vertical windows that avoid any bypassing. The second tower is equipped with an inclinated, safe and fun slide designed for all age children. The uprights of the towers are made of wood double blade sections opposed to 90x90 mm with rounded corners. The towers are equipped with two windows made of transparent material anti-breakage. The height of the drop is of 60 cm, and allows the use of the game even on solid surfaces such as interior spaces.

All wooden parts are realized in white fir or pine wood that comes from controlled forests, autoclave treated according to the EN 351 standards, with water repellent EXTRA-COAT and UV protection. The coloured parts are realized in 20mm polyethylen, 100% recyclable.

Size: 82 x 445 h 145 cm
Recommended area: 382 x 741 cm
Recommended age: 1 - 6