public entity play structure / plastic / wooden / galvanized steel



  • Location:

    for public entity

  • Material:

    plastic, wooden, galvanized steel


Multifuncional playground facility on several levels, accessible by users with disabilities. The system includes: 1 PANEL TRIS playground motor skills; MAGIC MIRROR a reversible design for visual skill playground EURO 1 playground, 1 BLACKBOARD FROM OUTER for creativity, two masts and a bow with rope and colored flags, 2 benches and 2 banquets for the role play, a large bridge H 150 cm above ground, a network of colored climbing ropes with metal, stainless steel 2 slides, 1 helm of rotary control; a compass on the bridge, balustrades and decorative door with colored polyethylene (sharks + anchors). The main structure has a climbing gym with climbing holds for children easier. The structure of the playground is made of wood 90x90 mm thick sections contrasted with galvanized steel bracket for fixing to the ground. The color of the playground is specifically designed for a correct insertion into the nature of public parks, schools and parks.