public entity play structure / wooden



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    for public entity

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Multi-function castle access with steps and adventurous passaeges that consists in three towers, a swinging rope bridge with the underlying platform security un'attraversata on mesh bias, a scale on logs, rails, a slide in stainless steel, two roofs and three leaf-shaped decorations. The towers have game plans triangular seats 23, 40, 100 and 150 cm above ground. The crossing network includes a horizontal bar in galvanized steel mesh and a great angle. The structure of the game is made of wood 90x90 mm thick sections contrasted with galvanized steel bracket to fasten to the ground. The color of the game is specifically designed for a correct insertion into the nature of public parks and schools.

All wooden parts are realized in Abilam- pine wood that comes from controlled forests, according to the EN 351 standards, autoclave treated with water repellent EXTRA-COAT and UV protection.