original design dining table / wooden / glass / MDF
CLESSIDRA by Giorgio Caporaso Lessmore



  • Style:

    original design

  • Material:

    wooden, glass, MDF, methacrylate, cardboard

  • Shape:



With its characteristic ring structure, Tavolo Clessidra continues the study started with Tappo, in the search for a shape in motion.
This piece of furniture with its distinctly collective and convivial calling is designed to easily adapt to communial places or to the living areas of our homes. A solid daily object ideal for working, studying and eating, it gives the environment in which it is placed in an almost organic look due to the overlapping of its layers.
Made of materials such as cardboard, MDF and wood, with a top available in glass or methacrylate, Tavolo Clessidra is the right partner for your business: special in appearance and easy to clean
as well as reinvent.

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