steel fastening system / stainless steel / aluminum / solar shading



  • Material:

    steel, stainless steel, aluminum

  • Applications:

    solar shading

  • Other characteristics:



Levolux’s Triniti Bracket is a revolutionary Solar Shading support system which has been specially developed to interface with most curtain walling systems. The Triniti Bracket, which has been tested rigorously to ensure it satisfies the demands of new building codes, offers a range of impressive benefits:

Significant reductions in cold bridging
Excellent sound isolation
Superior structural integrity
Zero interstitial condensation

System Construction

The Triniti bracket incorporates the following components:

Cast stainless steel spreader plate
High performance Firmalyne thermal break
Stainless steel adaptor
High tensile steel bolts
Firmalyne insulated bolt caps and sleeves
Extruded aluminium projecting spigot
When compared to a standard curtain walling bracket, the Triniti bracket performs significantly better and is compatible with the full range of Levolux Solar Shading systems.