folding partition / aluminum / glazed / professional
PANORA KINETIC Libart Enclosure Systems



  • Type:


  • Material:

    aluminum, glazed

  • Applications:

    professional, for offices, for open space, home


Max Dimensions : W 1.6m x H 2.50m
Glazing : 6mm Tempered Glass
Operation : Semi-automatic (opens manually - closes automatically)

Elegant and functional moving glass system with structural glass glazing technology.
Smart retraction mechanism enables retraction manually and extension with a single touch.
Innovative design of the system enables maximum use of space.
Use your open spaces all year long.
Varius options provide smart solutions.

Panora-Kinetic systems are vertically retracting glass balustrade & window systems. Panora-Kinetic systems provide all the benefits of a glass balustrade, with the addition of a wind & rain shield when required. Panora-Kinetic systems utilizes, hidden self-charging piston drive system that eliminates unsightly counter weights, thick profiles, cables and pulleys. Panora-Kinetic opens manually and closes automatically with simple touch.

To appreciate Libart’s design philosophy of aesthetics, function and simplicity you need to look at the Panora-Kinetic system from the outside, all glass façade. Due to Panora-Kinetic's structural glass framing system, virtually no supporting system can be seen from the outside. Internally, Panora-Kinetic system is supported with extensive structural and safety options to archive all necessary safety one expects from a balcony railing system.

Contact us and see how we can help with a new approach to your balustrade and balcony railing and windows.

Panora-Kinetic, aesthetics, function and simplicity combined to provide “indoor comfort, outdoor freedom” spaces, by Libart.

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