high swimming pool enclosure / mid-high / telescopic / semi-sliding
10-20m EF, DF and VF retractable enclosure Libart Enclosure Systems



  • Type:

    high, mid-high

  • Opening system:

    telescopic, semi-sliding

  • Material:

    aluminum, glass, polycarbonate

  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:

    for public pools, for above-ground pools


VF & V7 System Dimensions

Max Width : 18m (59’) / 20m (66’)
Max Length: 60m (196’)
Operation : Motorized or Manual
Frames : 8
Glazing : PC or Glass

The V Systems are retractable buildings ideal for projects that require height and a spacious feel, similar to large commercial centers and pool buildings. The 8-piece segmented shape allows this model to accommodate large diving boards, slides and other recreational structures while providing the spacious feel of a high roof. Due to its geometric design, V systems can be designed to handle heavy snow loads. These adaptive structures are ideal for large commercial projects such as restaurant patios or café skylights as well as residential projects like pool buildings or community enclosures. V systems are only available with our award-winning SecurTrak™ and SecurLok™ railed systems.

The V models are custom-built to sizes of up to 20m (65′) wide x 60m (196’) and at a maximum height of 6.0m (20’). V systems are designed to IBC code to withstand combined wind & snow loads of up to 240 kg/m2 (50 psf / 2.35 kPa). Available in both Freestanding Full Height (VF system) and Freestanding Inclined Sides (V7 system).