retractable railing / glass / with panels / outdoor
PANORA KINETIC Libart Enclosure Systems



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  • Configuration:

    with panels

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  • Applications:

    for balconies, for patios

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Panora Kinetic systems (FC and FB) are completely designed with structural glass. The absence of a horizontal profile on the system, which is a big difference provided by the FC systems, leads to uninterrupted prespective. Kinetic systems that offer a high degree of transparency without any horizontal profiles, suit a wide range of project typologies such as residential, hotel, shopping mall, cafe-restaurant, wet spaces ,industrial zones and provide benefit for both customers and business owners for many years.

PanoraKinetic KU-FC / Fixed on Ground Telescopic Wind Breaker
Kinetic systems, which are completely constructed with structural glass, do not have any horizontal profiles. When you want it, you can lower the upper movable glass of the system and enjoy the view. The ease of installation, wind resistance and high resistance to other physical factors combined with aesthetic integrity, you get a quality image for your space. You can also avoid secondary costs of short-lived products.

PanoraKinetic KU-FB / Portable Telescopic Wind Breaker (w/ Flower Pot)
PanoraKinetic FC systems can appeal to a wide range of project typologies, such as residential, hotel, avm, cafe-restaurant, with both a flexible plan that is provided by the product’s portable design and the landscape design contribution of the flower pot included to the system. Special six-point locking and specially designed movement mechanism ensure long-term trouble-free movement and comfort.

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