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The LIFT SECURITY is a simple and safe mechanism tested by an approved organization (FCBA - EU standard) that opened and closed it 10,000 times!

No more need for any furniture to support or to hide the mechanics.

Whats more, it does not have to be fixed to the wall.
It stands on its own, and due to its 180° visibility it can be used with comfortable furniture without sides or cover of any kind.

The LIFT SECURITY self-supporting cradle can hold a bedstead that is more than 200 cm in width / depth, a mattress that is up to 21 cm thick, and a 9 cm double slatted bed base; the optimal comfort is guaranteed.

The mechanics supports more than 60 kg (in 160 large) in the exterior front. All this for the effortless opening and closing.

Its electric option provides exceptional and completely secure ease of use.
The retractable feet, not exceeding the frame, ensure the safety of users and look like an ordinary part of a fixed bed.

No wall mounting.

No more cupboard bed with LIFT SECURITY !