Pendant lamp / original design / polyethylene / compact fluorescent
AVION by Iskos Berlin Lightyears


  • Type:


  • Style:

    original design

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact fluorescent

  • Color:



A childhood fascination with aircraft and, in particular, the Zeppelin airships gliding with steady grace across the sky, has inspired Iskos-Berlin to create Avion. Avion is a large oval pendant that naturally fills the ‘interior airspace’ of your room. Despite its substantial size, Avion seems to hover playfully in the air, ready to change its direction to suit your desire. The pendant light is made of polyethylene and emits a soft, diffuse light that creates a cosy, natural atmosphere in the room. The Avion pendant can be suspended from high up in the room and is ideal for the illumination of canteens, atriums and large rooms. Avion can be arranged in regular formation, as a dynamic pack or in one line to mark a passage through a building.

The lamp is available in three different designs suited to a wide range of environments. The version with two E27 sockets is recommended for minimalist lighting ensembles where the desire is to create soft, ambient lighting. The version for compact fluorescent tubes (PL-C tubes) is recommended for areas that require high levels of light combined with low energy consumption. This version is also available in a DALI-compatible version.


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