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AERIS L20 liniLED®



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    modular lighting system


liniLED® Aeris Profile L20

The aluminium liniLED® Aeris Profile L20 is a durable, walk-over profile which can be used with liniLED® PCB or Top LED strips. Depending on the desired effect, the profile can be finished with a diffuse or clear cover (high or low).

Article number: 10710 liniLED® Aeris Profile L20 1 m
Article number: 10711 liniLED® Aeris Profile L20 2 m
Article number: 10712 liniLED® Aeris Profile L20 3 m
Article number: 10713 liniLED® Aeris Profile L20 4 m

The combination of light weight, durable aluminium materials and several handy accessories, allows for easy to installation of the liniLED® Aeris Profile. Use the special ‘invisible’ mounting clips and aluminium end caps for a clean finish. Not happy with the visible cables? Simply click the additional cable channel on the profile and all visible cables can be manoeuvred away in just a few minutes.

It’s also possible to create an IP40 and IP67 liniLED® Aeris lighting fixture. Both versions consists of a liniLED® LED strip, cable (incl. cable entry on the desired position) and end cap(s). However, where the liniLED® Aeris IP40 contains a (clear or diffuse) cover, the liniLED® Aeris IP67 is finished with a (clear or diffuse) PU resin. In addition to the luminous intensity, light colour and effect, both lighting fixtures can be complemented with several features and accessories.

Made in Europe
Ideal for linear installation
An extensive range of accessories
Compose your own IP40 en IP67 (PU embedded) Aeris Profile