Metal decorative panel / marble / for interior fittings / for partition walls
RETINA by Raffaello Galiotto Lithos Design


  • Material:

    metal, marble

  • Applications:

    for interior fittings, for partition walls

  • Finish:

    smooth, 3D, perforated

  • Other characteristics:

    with metal insert, easy to install


Retina is a space divider, a shaped, perforated and modular marble partition distinguished by a strong three-dimensional appeal. The perforations, facets and the fair smooth surface lend the dividing “diaphragm” an aesthetic feeling of luminous lightness. Enclosed by a very thin metal frame, Retina is produced with the use of cutting-edge CNC technology without any manual intervention and with near-zero waste material.

Module size: cm 121,6 x 121,6 – maximum thickness cm 15,5


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