playground play structure / plastic
CASCADES PARK little tikes



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    for playgrounds

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Communities are all about bringing people together. Residents who live in the same apartment building, condo unit, gated community or neighborhood may all be different, but have all chosen to live in a similar space for a reason.

Playgrounds in communities like these can serve many benefits:

They can create a safe place for children to play and make friends who live near them.
They can be a place for adults to meet their neighbors while their children play.
They can help uncover commonalities among strangers.
They can create a community by helping residents get to know each other.
They can promote community growth by making a community more attractive to prospective residents.
They can encourage children to excel by developing their social skills and sensory acuity.
They can create community pride.
Quite simply, play benefits everyone and playgrounds can help serve children, families and adults in neighborhoods. Consider the many beautiful play spaces in our nation and the work organizations have put into building them. They have chosen to make this investment because spaces for children and community members make their areas better places to live.

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