pendant lamp / original design / aluminum / fabric
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  • Type:


  • Style:

    original design

  • Material:

    aluminum, fabric

  • Other characteristics:

    handmade, LED

  • Color:



A curved led profile is covered with two layers of stretched fabric, creating a playful organic led light. The lamp is suspended with a curved rod, both parts are joined by a adjustable hinge. One volume can be suspended seperatly, or delicatly banced with a second lamp. Because of their assymetric form they appear different from every angle, suggesting lightness and ongoing movement.

the led light :

A high quality warm white LED strip (2400K, 90CRI, 14Watt/meter, 900lumen) is incorporated in the frame. The lamp is so illuminated from its outer edges, equally dispersing the light throughout the volume, producing a pleasant, diffuse glow and a rich moiré effect by shining through the small holes of the fabric. 14 watt/meter ensures an abundant shining light, 2700-3000 lumen, comparable to an old 200Watt filament lamp. 2400K has a very warm white tone, and 90CRI gives an excellent colour representation value.

The fabric :

The fabric can either be plain white or have a copper wire knitted along the lengt. This gives the lamp a warm golden glow. Because of the fabrics transparancy one can see through, adding to the elegance of the lines. The circle diameter is 60 or 80 cm. The lamps are handmade and costumizable, please contact us for any bespoke offer.