original design bar stool / stainless steel / polyethylene / with footrest
BEASER 80 Lonc



  • Style:

    original design

  • Material:

    stainless steel, polyethylene

  • Options:

    with footrest

  • Location:



Fresh take on a familiar object
You might not think there is that much you can do to improve on the four-legged bar stool. But with the Beaser, weve taken a simple utilitarian object and added aesthetic and ergonomic elements to create something that is both reassuringly familiar but surprisingly different.
Of course, above all, a bar stool should be comfortable. Thats why the Beaser provides just the right amount of support for your lower back, without being confining. We tested it out on every sort of body shape we could find big and small, short and tall, and everything in between. And our subjects all agreed its a winner!
As for the aesthetics, we took the themes of our Seaser lounge chair and Teaser side table and tweaked them slightly to achieve just the proper balance of organic forms and dynamic tension. Not to mention durability and functionality. So the Beaser made of moulded, weather-resistant polyethylene and brush stainless steel, is well-suited for both outside and inside use at a poolside bar, around a high table, or it goes without saying in a more traditional setting.
And by the way, its almost certain theres a colour that will work for you. Like the Seaser and the Teaser, the Beaser is available in black, white, grey, and seven vivid colours.

h: 87.4, w: 56.3, d: 52cm
PE (Polyethylene)/ Stainless steel
ca. 6ki
in/ outdoor
easy to clean