classic wardrobe / wooden / with swing doors / mirrored
VP7700-6M LouisXV



  • Style:


  • Material:


  • Door:

    with swing doors

  • Options:

    mirrored, with drawer


You love the baroque style! You love the eras of Louis IXV, Louis XV and Louis XVI! You love all other "antique" times like romantic, biedermeier, classicism, rococo, ...! We love them all and we are not really interested in the exact valuation and judgement about the era. But we are interested in the nice and harmonic forms that have had time get better and better. What is a cubic dice of modern snippets of wood, coated with paper against this furnitures and decoration goods.
The style antique wardrobe is noble and high-grade antique finished
This piece of art is totally handmade, a masterpiece of real materials that pleases your sins. Our furnitures have been made classical with the help of easy tools like chisel and hammer, bandsaw, hand drilling machine, sander and brush. The brass and metal work is made by sand forms casting like hundreds of years ago. Ancient working methods and all the materials that the masters used before.

Details of the product of the style baroque wardrobe Vp7700-6M

valent decorativ baroque and antique style wardrobe
massive materials
mostly genuine ancient materials have been used
no chemicals, only pure natural glues, laquere ...
complete made by hand
measures in inch: 138.2/27.2/95.7 inch (Length/Deepth/Hight)
measures in cm: 351/69/243cm (Length/Deepth/Hight)
Everything is finished to give the look that it is really an old piece. You can see on the photos.

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