original design pouf / fiber-reinforced concrete / garden / outdoor



  • Style:

    original design

  • Material:

    fiber-reinforced concrete

  • Location:

    garden, outdoor

  • Color:



seat H 45cm
indicative weight 40kg

CLAP, stones to sit, the search for a natural simplicity.

The term "claps" in Friuli is used to mean "stones", the smooth white stones of the grave Friulane, hence the decision to call this series of sessions: CLAP.
Essential and poetic volumes.

CLAP, are made fully of fiber-reinforced cementitious material enriched with selected quartz aggregates.
The features are the pleasant touch and white colour.

CLAP are manufactured with a different technology from other products Lovecement.
CLAP functional seating in natural harmony with the landscape.
Seating Non-invasive integrated "playfully" natural.

CLAP collection consists of:
CLAP.L 130x90 h 43 cm 85kg;
CLAP.M 68x53 h 45 cm 40kg;
CLAP.S 58x50 h 38 cm 35kg.

They can be used as seats or for decoration as furniture in gardens and parks.

The cement preserves some characteristics, such as formal imperfections or small surface holes that do not compromise the functionality is not defects but rather proof of material performance.