ceiling air diffuser / wall-mounted / linear
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  • Installation:

    ceiling, wall-mounted

  • Shape:



The elegant way to ventilate.
Controlled ventilation of your home is only perfect with an optimum air diffusing element. Its operation is crucial for the effectiveness and efficiency of the system. It permits an ideal distribution of treated air inside the room plus effective removal of thermal and material loads – important criteria for health and wellbeing. LDBhome air diffusers were developed specifically for use in the home.

Elegant: meets the highest architectonic requirements thanks to its slender design
Limitless possibilities for design, colour and surface finish, integrating perfectly into any ceilings due to a wide selection of design profiles
Comfortable: rapid mixing of fresh air and room air due to fanning out in highly inductive individual jets Even and optimum purging of the roon with fresh air Pleasant room climate from even temperature distribution
No draught feeling
Silent: Silent air distribution due to aerodynamically optimised diffuser contour Integrated silencer – also prevents (telephone) sound transmission between individual rooms
Durable and investment-preserving
Easy to fit: pre-fitting: LDBhome air diffuser boxes can already be pre-fitted when the walls are assembled. Then the air diffusers only have to be fitted into place – easy, quick and safe! The effort for fitting and handling is minimised and damage to visible elements is practically ruled out
Clean and easy to maintain: thanks to the patented LTG System clean®. Some of the clean supply air passes as an air curtain along the ceiling, preventing dirt particles from the room air soiling the ceiling LTG System clean® greatly reduces the costs for renovation and maintenance.