aluminum ventilation grill / stainless steel / anodized aluminum / copper



  • Material:

    aluminum, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, copper

  • Shape:

    rectangular, square

  • Width:

    4,000 mm

  • Length:

    8,000 mm


The WSG-H weather-proof louvre horizontal is available in aluminium, cooper and stainless steel. We can also supply the louvres in anodised aluminium or powder-coatet. The design is based on a welded, stable and torsion-resistant housing with specially fitted blades. There are hardly any limits to shape or size. The WSG-H weather-proof louvre horizontal can be produced in a single unit up to a size of 4m x 8m. Special shapes are also possible. For applications at high altitudes and in cold regions, the WSG can be equipped with an electrical resistance heating system.

The WSG weather-proof louvre horizontal offers a visually more attractive alternative as a rain protector or a protector hood. They act as the horizontal duct closure for fitting on the outside of buildings or as ventilation opening closures on roofs. The WSG-H can be integrated into the roof constructions and the colour matched so that it remains inconspicuous and blends in perfectly to its surroundings. Any roof pitch can be fitted with our grids in an aesthetically attractive and optimal manner.