aluminum ventilation grill / stainless steel / anodized aluminum / copper



  • Material:

    aluminum, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, copper, zinc-titanium

  • Shape:


  • Width:

    4,000 mm

  • Length:

    8,000 mm


The WSG Grillair weather-proof louvre is available in aluminium, copper, copper-titanium-zinc and stainless steel. We can also supply the louvres in anodised aluminium or powder-coatet. There are hardly any limits to shape or size. We manufacture the WSG weather-proof louvres to fit your project precisely, from round and triangular, trapezoidal through to curved and arched. For applications at high altitudes and in cold regions, the WSG can be equipped with an electrical resistance heating system.

WSG weather-proof louvers act as an duct closure for mounting on the outside of a building or in ventilation openings on outside walls. The Grillair can also be fitted to machinery and equipment as uncontrolled air inlets or outlets or as protection grids. The specially formed blades prevent precipitation from entering. Splash water is drained through the drainage nozzles.