table lamp / original design / steel / fabric
BOOKLAMP by Martí Guixé Luján + Sicilia



  • Type:


  • Style:

    original design

  • Material:

    steel, fabric, acrylic

  • Other characteristics:

    reading, LED

  • Color:

    white, red, golden, silver


An open book lies mysteriously on the tip of a pole…

Both the book and the stand are bound by hand and matched in beautiful buckram, the traditional fabric used in old encyclopaedias and library volumes.

The book is blank-paged, so it can be written into and filled with the owner’s own story. Or it can be removed, and replaced by another book or magazine which the owner has not finished reading yet.

The book serves as a conventional shade. Underneath, there is a structure that holds a 5W bright LED source.

BOOKLAMPs have been engineered by luján + sicilia, following a concept by designer / ex-designer Martí Guixé.

BOOKLAMPS are exclusively manufactured in Spain by luján + sicilia.