recessed floor fountain jet
LI-F5100 Lumiartecnia Internacional


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    recessed floor


The LI-F5100 range incorporates the flask from the LI-F5000 model and includes a ring LED light around it, housed in a stainless steel niche so that the unit can be assembled and disassembled easily.

The LED light can be monochrome, including cold and warm whites, or FULL RGB multicolor and be programmable using our DMX LI and LI-AE1705 AE1704 electronic drivers.

The niche can be shuttered at ground level or on a wall to illuminate pools or ponds. It can have a programmable flow using the LI-1030 fast acting valve to activate and turn off the water jet.

Made with high quality noble materials resistant to all types of waters, they are a perfect solution for use in pool guard-rails, underwater illumination, simple ground level fountains with lighting and water parks for children offering lighted water features.