Public fountain / garden / for water parks / indoor
Lumiartecnia Internacional


  • Type:

    public, garden, for water parks, indoor

  • Material:

    stone, stainless steel

  • Style:



Lumiartecnia manufactures and designs custom made fountains for indoor spaces, gardens and patios.
With an elegant basin design, fully made of stainless steel or stone, we can build for you any fountain according to your needs that will perfectly fit in your space, creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, without splashing, noise or other inconveniences due to water and with very little maintenance needs.

Hotels and Shopping Malls

Lumiartecnia has created many original and elegant fountain designs for top quality hotels and shopping malls. These indoor/outdoor spaces require an unique eye catching water feature able to become an iconic landmark, a peaceful oasis or a relaxing area where visitors feel comfortable and at ease to enjoy the stay.

Pools and Spas

We are experts in providing spas and swimming pools with original stainless steel water features, LED color lighting and software solutions to harmoniously control the underwater illumination according to the music, creating a unique aquatic chromo therapy chill out experience.

Vertical Gardensine

Designs are every time more popular in the cities that need green areas and urban oases to create a natural space where citizens can find a little peace and refuge from the quotidian stress, Water enhances the green freshness and the feeling of comfort and its sound is a cushion for the city noises, camouflaging traffic or neighborhood noise. We are experts to provide integral water engineering solutions to create high water falls and fountains inside the vertical garden.


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