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PHOTOGRAPHIC FOUNTAINS ® Lumiartecnia Internacional


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    public, garden, indoor

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Introducing the new Photographic Fountains, a completely new concept in the design field of wall fountains.
Developed in collaboration with Art in Aqua, Art and exclusivity, elegance, Peace and Wellness, converge in this inspiring new concept.

One may say that our origin emanates from a fountain, the essence of the mystery from which all things are born, the breast that nurtures life; a fountain is the manifestation of what is natural and an expression of the artificial. Water is a mystery, a great treasure, the provider of life, what we are made of and the most abundant element on the surface of our planet, it is continuously flowing, changing, and constantly transforming. Water is energy, the source of purification and initiation, it quenches our thirst, alleviates heat, defeats fire; it is solid, liquid and gaseous, vital and mortal.

Photographic fountains are an innovative way of exploring the use of the photographic language and how this may be applied to designing indoor as well as outdoor fountains. By collaborating with the recognized photographic artist Ricardo B. Sanchez, we project an abstract vision of water, creating a way of painting with light, and generating a symbol of who we are. This is how an image of water comes together with the real flow of the precious element, thereby creating a photographic fountain: it is the encounter between that which pretends to freeze an instant in time with what does not cease to flow and change.


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