recessed floor fountain jet
LI-F5300 Lumiartecnia Internacional



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    recessed floor


The walkable eco compact jets uses low power single-phase pumps controlled by a single-phase inverter, so that the height of the jets of the fountain can be regulated by the computer system.

The advantage of this system is that it simplifies the installation, replacing the return piping network with a network of interconnected water manholes.

The submersible pumps are single-phase and low power, and are controlled by LI- AE1580 electronic controls. These controls allow jets to adopt varying heights from 0.1 m to 3 m, and are regulated by the Controlidor software control system.

The walkable Eco LI-F5300 jet consists of a pump, a vertical jet and LED projectors with DMX control. All the equipment comes in a robust stainless steel lid customized for each project.