contemporary wall light / wooden / acrylic / LED
CERVANTES by Burkhard Dämmer Lzf-Lamps



  • Style:


  • Material:

    wooden, acrylic

  • Light source:


  • Shape:


  • Other characteristics:

    commercial, FSC-certified

  • Color:

    white, black, brown, red, yellow, orange


Cervantes is a truly noble light, its shapely form both splendid and sublime. When creating this suspension and wall lamp, designer Burkhard Dämmer was inspired by Señor Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish novelist and dramatist who was fond of sporting a ruff collar.

Cervantes demonstrates the remarkable pliability of wood veneer. The ruff-like pattern, with its elaborate figure-of-eight folds, is fashioned into an intriguing latticework of wood strips. Set into a luminaire shaped like a concave lens, the wood strips make the ideal light diffuser.

With an air of the Renaissance and a touch of the Baroque, Cervantes is a hi-tech light hailing from noble roots.

Lamping Info
CERV A LED DIM0-10V 120-277V
LED String 30 x 1 w 24V
Outside Shell: Acrylic Black or White

Wood Shade Finishes