laminated glass panel / tempered / safety / double-glazed



  • Type:

    laminated, tempered, safety, double-glazed, acoustic, insulating

  • Applications:

    building, for facades, roof, for doors, for windows

  • Other characteristics:



Double & triple insulating units for a greater safety & securety

This insulating glass incorporates at least one pane of toughened glass Seristal or laminated glass Plastofloat to provide added securety to your home.
For a sliding glass door opening onto a yard where children play ball or
a roof window:
- to prevent broken glass from falling into your house,
use Plastofloat laminated glass for the inner pane of the double glazing

- to prevent the children from getting hurt,
use the safety glass for the outer pane

For a bedroom window you could use noise reduction Plastofloat
(its position does not affect the acoustic performance of the double glazing unit)

For a refrigerated case, use double or triple insulating glass units incorporating toughened glass Seristal

For maximum protection of people and objects located just behind the window, use a multi-laminated or composite laminated glass : VHP bullet resistant Plastofloat.