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Interlocking concrete roof tile
HA HUANG GRANADA Mahaphant Fibre-Cement (Public) Co.,Ltd.

The Glamorous Expression

The curved concrete roof tile that gives your home a finished, elegant look and simultaneously expresses the true and original sense of ideal beauty…

Ha Huang Granada is a high-quality, curved concrete roof tile manufactured using a high-standard technique that gives the tile vivid, stunning color qualities and a unique, glamorous look. With its sturdy yet elegant appearance, this exquisite concrete roof tile by Ha Huang lends a stunning beauty to any home and property. Its one-of-a-kind rustic look perfectly fulfills the concept of simple aesthetic beauty.

Ha Huang Granada is a range of exquisitely curved concrete roof tile that comes in a wide variety of harmonized pastel colors such as natural brown. With its unique, high pitch profile, this ideal tile gives your housing a greater air of elegance and aesthetic beauty compared to that of other more conventional profiled roof tiles.


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