Centrifugal extractor fan
ERM-E EX E MAICO Elektroapparate-Fabrik GmbH

Semi-centrifugal duct fan, single-phase AC, explosion proof

Application examples:
Environment with explosion hazard (zone 1 and 2), Dye shop, Battery room, Commercial premises, Production facility

- MAICO Ex fans fulfil the safety requirements of European Directive 94/9/EC for units and protective systems in explosion-endangered areas.
- Device group II, Category 2 G
- Type of protection "e": Increased safety
- For zones 1 and 2.
- Supply of smaller air volumes only at medium resistances.
- Housing and impeller are made from high quality synthetic material, antistatic
- Semi-centrifugal impeller, favourable flow technology.
- Inflow direction equals outflow direction. Thus resulting in simple installation.
- Can be fitted in any position.


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