heat-recovery ventilation unit / decentralized / residential / for apartments
WRG 35-1 SE MAICO Ventilatoren



  • Type:

    heat-recovery, decentralized

  • Sector:


  • Applications:

    for apartments, for homes


Standard model
RLS 5 room air control required.

Complete fan unit for WRG 35 single-room ventilation unit with heat recovery, including internal cover and two G4 filters. WRG 35H-SE: With integrated hygrostat.
Accessories needed:
WRG 35-SR shell kit.
RLS 5 room air control.
Up to a maximum of 9 units can be controlled at the same time through a room air control.
Up to four RLS 5 room air controls can be connected to one unit. They are networked using a WRG 35-AAD connection distributor and WRG 35-TAK connection cables.
Suitable for continuous operation. Longer off times are not recommended.
Heat exchanger
Aluminium cross flow plate heat exchanger.
Separate air flows and therefore no transfer of odours etc.

Heat recovery fan
2 axial DC fans. One fan each for supply air and exhaust air.
4 ventilation levels with heat recovery:
1 = minimum ventilation (17 m³/h)
2 = normal ventilation (30 m³/h)
3 = intensive ventilation 1 (45 m³/h)
4 = intensive ventilation 2 (60 m³/h)
Further ventilation levels without heat recovery:
Supply air mode, i.e. supply air operation only at 30 m³/h (e.g. for cooling at night).
Exhaust air mode, i.e. exhaust air operation only at 30 m³/h (e.g. cross ventilation per living unit). To achieve this, the WRG 35 is e.g. switched to supply air mode in the bedroom and to exhaust air mode in the living room.
Level 0, the zero air level: Closes the external shutters if there are bad odours coming in from the outside. The unit continues to consume electricity.