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LUNE Manooi



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Bringing the moon inside, Lune is a glowing inner crystal hemisphere. The light from Lune provides a uniquely comforting experience.
The dark side of this amazing light creation comes in black, white or even champagne.

COLLECTION:  Personal Universe
Type:               suspended chandelier
Structure:        fiberglass, polished stainless steel
Colours:          any RAL colour
Trimmings:      full-cut crystal octagons and pendants in various sizes and forms
Suspension:    galvanized bowden - Ø 1,5 mm
Light source:   G9 halogen
Cable:             transparent PVC+PVC/textile (black/white) - 250 cm
Ceiling Rose:   polished stainless steel

Lune 60:   L 60 x W 60 x H 30
Lune 100: L 100 x W 100 x H 50
Lune 180: L 180 x W 180 x H 55

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