table lamp / original design / aluminum / wooden
LOOKER : 3613/3614/3615 by Santiago Sevillano Mantra



  • Type:


  • Style:

    original design

  • Material:

    aluminum, wooden

  • Other characteristics:



LOOKER is an exceptional study lamp it can be ea­sily adjusted in the position which pleases you most. Designed by Santiago Sevillano, it provides a light that accompanies us its cosy safe presence will make your home a special place. Refreshingly young with a de­sign that combines metal with touches of colour, it evokes a Nordic setting with its wood finish, perfectly adapted for study areas or to provide a bright presence as a decorative point. It houses low energy light (E27). Its finishes in the metal version combine the white co­lour with pistachio or strawberry finishes. The natural wood version with lovely white finishes will also im­press you. Make room for a new light in your favourite space...LOOKER has arrived.

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