decorative coating / interior / for walls / for wood
ONDES Marius Aurenti



  • Function:


  • Location:


  • Type of support:

    for walls, for wood, plaster

  • Component:

    synthetic resin

  • Finish:



Decorative coating for walls, furniture and objects
5 metals available: tin, bronze, copper, iron and gunsmoke
application on wood, brick, plaster, ceramic, metal, glass...

Metallic finish : matt or polished
Multiple decorative effects possible: structured, weathered, rusty, dull or polished
1 layer

The metallisation surface is an innovative process in decoration.

The 5 metal options which make up the MA's range are : copper, tin, iron, bronze and gun barrel. It is made from very finely crushed pure metal powder (> 90%), and resin bonded.

All of our substances are applied according to exact preparation and maintenance methods for a better durability.

Choices of decorative finishes : structured, burnished, oxidised, rusted ...