Contemporary lounge chair / wooden
NEXTMARUNI 4507-34 by Masayuki Kurokawa Maruni


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The three chairs; armless chair, armchair, and lounge chair that I have designed up till now, have all the same ideas and structures. The seats for different purposes are built into the Japanese architectural framework. The distance or the space between the frame and the seat is again designed with great importance.
Chairs originally have bilateral character, which is the physicality and the extensity, however I am putting more importance on the extensity with these chairs. The frame with right-angled structure creates this extensity.
I thought of the lounge chair as a chair with comfort where I would want to take a nap, so I made a comfortable seat constructed with a shock absorber by a rubber belt and put a zabuton (a Japanese traditional seating tool) used like a cushion on top of it.

Dimensions: W600xD755xH642xSH370 (mm)
Materials: Oak & Fabric / Urethane finish, Whitish


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