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Hotel furniture manufacturer Massoni is a guarantee of impressive equipment room, the lobby and reception area. Collection Zakopane draws attention to a simple and usable form while maintaining high stylistic qualities. Delicate decoration elements beds and cabinets give the hotel the nature of the interiors sypialnianym. The hotel furniture also includes elements of the reception, conference facilities, office and administrative facilities.

Zakopane Hotel beds are available in either single or double. Comfortable mattress Different conceptual variations consistency can be finished plate frame, have a stationary frame or chassis. Back beds are a contrived element of decorative and utility protects the walls of the room sypielnianego. A supplementary element are nightstands with drawers that can accommodate all handy materials.

Hotel cabinets Zakopane are designed not only to store but the clothes and documents, and other materials beyond the wardrobe. Their solid block perfectly harmonizes with the use of decorative wreaths and stylish handles. Cabinet fronts can occur in the classic wing form or as a sliding door to increase usable space rooms.

Equipment room hotel also includes elements such as wardrobe, desk and mirror hotel with hangers, mirrors and trunk.

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